Club Sports Officer Handbook

 Be Like A Duck…

“Above the surface looks calm and unruffled…below the surface, paddle like hell!”



Club Sports is just as much a leadership education program as a sports program.  What better way for club leaders to develop professional and leadership skills doing a sport that they love?

This is sports! Why focus on leadership?


Reason #1 To be successful clubs

Each club operates very much like a small non-profit organization.  Club officers deal with the same challenges–developing and managing an annual  budget,  working with club members to develop a common mission, fundraising, and  resolving conflict–that many organizations face on a daily basis.

Professional staff members provide foundational support, but clubs  must manage much of their club’s business. Intentional leadership education  helps clubs learn the skills necessary to successfully operate their organizations.

Reason #2 To gain marketable skills

Beyond their time at the University, club members will find that employers are looking for graduates with the “soft skills” to be  successful employees. Club Sports is a great way for club members to start developing these skills.

Why You Should Fill Your Company with Athletes, Forbes 10/2013

Employers Desire Soft Skills From College Graduates,

Rise of Club Teams Creates A Whole New Level of Success, New York Times, 12/2008



Club officers will be provided more information about trainings during the year. Below is an general outline of our leadership program:

Club Sports President Training

Schedule:  Fall term

Requirement:  mandatory for all club presidents

A beginning of the year nuts n’ bolts training for Club Presidents. This training is primarily dedicated to overview of policies and procedures in the Club Sports Manual.

This session is a review of logistical tasks & office tours to assist club officers become familiar with basic operations, policies, and procedures.




Club Sports Council Training

Schedule: varies

Requirement: mostly optional (depends on topic)

A series of 1-hour supplemental trainings focusing on club sports-specific topics, and/or leadership and organizational development topics beyond logistics. Samples include:

  • Delegation
  • Fundraising & Sponsorship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Resumes for sport leaders
  • Nutrition
  • Constitution Training
  • Org Sync Training
  • Hazing Education


Organizational Transition Training

Schedule: Spring

The nature of club sports has leaders coming and going, usually every year.  For any organization, this can be disruptive to the longer term goals and operations of a club.  This session provides an overview of best practices in leadership transition so your club continues strong!

Club Sports Budget Training

Schedule: Spring

Requirement: mandatory for club presidents

This session provides an overview of the annual  club budget development process.

Club Sports Leadership Practicum (FHS 409)

The Club Sports Practicum (FHS 409) is a credit-earning experience available exclusively for members of Club Sports Executive Committee, and club members holding office within their organization.

Club presidents are given registration priority. However, other club officers may register depending on the nature of their involvement with the club and the availability of space in the class. The Club Sports Director will review such requests on an individual basis.

Using the Team Captain’s Leadership Manual, by Jeff Janssen, M.S., and supplementary leadership readings, the practicum experience helps club leaders reflect on their leadership experience with Club Sports.

For more information, contact the Clubhouse.





Use the club sports experience to develop your leadership skills. Knowing how to build a strong team can help you get you through the raging rapids of life!