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Club Sports does not provide medical insurance to members. To protect your health and financial stability, Club Sports strongly recommends that all club members have adequate health insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses that may arise.

To learn more about optional plans offered through University Health Center, click here.


Club Sportsprovide athletic training services at most of our higher risk home events (soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey, rugby).

Through a partnership with the UO Department of Physiology,  and University Health Center staff, graduate students in the athletic training program gain practical experience working with club athletes. Club members in our higher risk sports have the benefit of a certified athletic trainer at home events.  All club members have access to trainers during weekly clinic hours.

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For more information about UO’s Graduate Program in Athletic Training, click here.

With the support of the Ducks Event Fund, we  are pleased to offer ImPact concussion testing for club members involved in our  higher risk sports.

For more information about the ImPact Concussion program, click here.



Sponsored by:

U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo Bank,  Pacific Continental,  Siuslaw Bank  Summit Bank

Thank you to sponsors for helping club athletes play safe!