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 Member clubs are supported by professional staff members and student leaders  who serve in various roles in the Club Sports office.


The mission of the University of Oregon Club Sports Advisory Board is to unite Club Sports as a single organization representing those students who seek a high level of athletic competition, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and leadership opportunities. The Board seeks to facilitate growth and future success of the UO Club Sports Programs.

Members consist of student leaders who advise program staff on the operations and development of the program; distribute supplemental funds to member clubs; serve as consultants to club officers; plan and implement programs designed to unite Club Sports leaders and athletes throughout the program.

The Board works collaboratively with other student leader groups on campus such as the EMU Board and ASUO (student government) to create an enriching student experience beyond the classroom.

2017-2018 Advisory Board

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2017-18 Club Sports Staff

Brittany McFall, Office Manager


Phone: 541-346-8025

Shawn Rubino, Assistant Director

Entering  her 13th year with the  Club Sports Program, Shawn oversees much of the weekly event coordination, including scheduling and travel details, and supervises the athletic training program.

Shawn has coaching experience (Yale Women’s Volleyball), and extensive administrative experiences with the University of Minnesota’s hockey program, and UO’s ASUO student government office. Shawn brings a unique blend of coaching and administrative knowledge to the Club Sports office to help guide club leaders.  Students may also run into Shawn’s husband, Dave (PE & Recreation instructor).


Phone:  541-346-3733

Ben Prahl, Director

Ben joined the University of Oregon Club Sports program in 2016. After receiving his education at Oregon State, the school offered him a position as Sports and Special Programs Office Manager for OSU. Prior to becoming a Duck, he worked as Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports at Western Oregon University.  Ben has an extensive history of Club Sport programs and loves being apart of the University of Oregon.

Aside from Club Sports, Ben loves spending time with his wife and three children. They go on adventures and explore all the wonderful amenities that Oregon has to offer. Ben’s favorite thing in this entire world is Mountain Dew. Ben attributes his success to family, club sports, and Mountain Dew.


Phone: 541-346-3912