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Club Sports is an athletic program at the University of Oregon, supporting many Olympic and non-NCAA affiliated sport clubs.  Many clubs are associated with regional and national sport governing bodies such as Pac-8  Hockey, USA Ultimate, and Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference.  A program of the Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Club Sports has been a premier sports and leadership development program for over 30 years.

The program comprises over 40 clubs and 1000+ members.  With such a wide variety of clubs, you’ll find members learning a sport for the first time, and others training for national championships. Traveling to over 60 destinations nationwide to participate in events, Club Ducks are nationwide ambassadors of the University of Oregon.

Clubs are initiated and run by club officers, with support from program staff at the EMU’s Clubhouse.

Through involvement, club athletes have the opportunity to:

  1. Develop a lifelong passion for an active lifestyle
  2. Represent the University of Oregon as athletes
  3. Develop friendship and community
  4. Develop professional skills




Membership  is available to incidental fee-paying students of the University of Oregon. Faculty and staff can participate in clubs that do not have intercollegiate eligibility requirements. Club Sports also provides a great way for faculty and staff members to connect with students outside the classroom by serving as club mentors.


Many clubs receive funding support from the Club Sports annual budget.  However, this support typically only assists with 20-30% of the club’s annual operating costs.

Club members are often required to participate in fundraising activities and pay member dues to support their club’s operations.  Higher dues can be expected for club sports that require a lot of equipment, special facilities, and a lot of travel.


Some clubs do not require minimum athletic skill level for participation. They may recruit beginners and teach them the basics of a new sport, while other clubs may require tryouts.



Coaching and instruction services vary from club to club. If a club has fundraised funds to so so, they club may decide to hire and pay a qualified individual to serve as a coach/instructor. Some clubs have designated student coaches. Other clubs have been coached by world champion athletes, and former varsity coaches.


Once per year, the program reviews new club requests to determine if there is sufficient student interest and resources to support the activity.

There are several factors to take into consideration when forming a new club such as gaining interest, start-up costs, practice location, etc. To receive more information about the new club process, please email


You’ll find club members playing in many places on campus. The Clubhouse, located at Erb Memorial Union (EMU South) serves as the primary center of club  operations.

Club officers visit the Clubhouse for support with:

Travel arrangements
Event scheduling
Club development advising
Special event planning
Driver training class registration
Club mail/fax/phone access

The Clubhouse gets a new home in 2016

The Erb Memorial Union (EMU) has served as  “basecamp” for Club Sports operations for over 30 years. Club Ducks are preparing to migrate to  McArthur Court in March 2014, as we wait for the EMU to be renovated.  Stay tuned!

For more information, and to support the project, visit  EMU Renovation


What about those other Ducks? 

Club Sports is not a program of the University of Oregon Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. To learn more about that department, click here.

Department of Physical Education & Recreation (PE &Rec)

Although we work closely with PE & Rec Department,  Club Sports is not a program of PE&Rec. To find out more about PE & Rec’s recreational offerings, such as intramurals, fitness, and aquatics, click here.

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