Club Sports


42 Clubs. 1000+ Student Athletes. 





With 42 current Clubs and 1000+ athletes, the University of Oregon Club Sports program provides students the opportunity to compete, establish leadership opportunities, and form bonds that last a lifetime. Club Sports is dedicated towards helping students become a champion in any sport they choose. 


University of Oregon is nationally recognized for its performance in Division athletics. That same competitive aptitude is held by teams that function under the Club Sports umbrella. Among our 42 Clubs, we have competitive and non-competitive teams. This gives students total flexibility in choosing a sport that best matches their preferences. No experience is necessary for joining any team in the Club Sports program. Within each team you will develop experience, receive training, and gain valuable skills to help you be successful.


As a club sports member, you will develop physically, socially, culturally, and educationally. These four pillars of development will give you the advantage as an athlete, a student, and a future graduate of the University of Oregon. While each team is supported by the Club Sports administrative staff, every team has an executive leadership group of students that manages the team. This can include positions such as President, VP, Finance, Marketing, Fundraising, and Team Captains. Students vote and choose those within their team to lead these positions. The students are then classified as Club Sports Officers. Experience in these positions have provided student athletes with a true hands-on experience and serve highly beneficial when entering the job market.


The Club Sports program is structured on a dues based model. This allows each individual team to set a number for dues that will assist in covering their costs such as travel, operation, apparel, and coaches salaries.

In addition to dues, the Club Sports program is funded through the student Incidental Fee ( I-Fee). This allocation allows our administrative staff to provide each team with funding in order to help cover certain team expenses such as competition, league, and equipment fees. Typically, this will cover around 20-30% of the Club’s annual budget.  Our Club Sports staff assists each and every team in managing their budget and creating a comprehensive plan that provides direction for the entire year.







Who can be a member?

Membership  is open to all incidental fee-paying students of the University of Oregon. Faculty and staff can participate in clubs that do not have intercollegiate eligibility requirements.

How can you become a member?

UO students should  contact club leaders directly for more information about membership and practice times.  The best way to do that is to visit the Get Involved website and sign up for an Org Sync account.  You can connect with Club Sports, and many other student organizations through Org Sync.


Do clubs have coaches?

Coaching and instruction services vary from club to club. Most coaches volunteer their time. If a club has fundraised funds, the club may decide to hire and pay a qualified individual to serve as a coach/instructor. With a wealth of athletic talent in the community, clubs have been coached by world champion athletes, and former varsity coaches.

How do you start a new club?

If you have a club you are interested in starting (that is not currently offered), please email the Club Sports Director, Ben Prahl at or you can reach him at 541-346-3912.

What’s the Club Sports Office?

You’ll find club members playing in many places on campus. The Club Sports office is located in the Erb Memorial Union in room 007.

Club officers and members visit the office for support with:


Travel arrangements
Event scheduling
Club Advising
Special event planning
Driver training class registration
Club mail/fax/phone access

Is Club Sports part of the Department of Athletics? 

No. Club Sports is not a program of the University of Oregon Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. To learn more about that department, click here.

What other programs are there at the EMU?

As a department of the Division of Student Life, the EMU supports Club Sports, and several other programs, designed to educate and enhance the student experience at the University of Oregon. For more information about other programs available, visit EMU Activities.